Site Updates Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to create a new account?

  • No! You can login as normal using your same username and password.

Can I start back where I left off?

  • Yes! Though the new site will not reflect your previously completed courses you can begin again where you left off without having to first complete your previous lessons.

Will this new site reflect all the progress I have made?

  • Unfortunately we were not able to preserve the progress of each individual user. If you would like the course to reflect your progress accurately you can mark items complete at the module or lesson level.

Where do I go to begin?

Will my email preferences be saved?

  • Your previously set email preferences will not be saved from our previous site. To sign up for daily or weekly emails from the course "The Word" or to request that no emails be sent from The Word course please fill out the form on this page:

I'm feeling frustrated by this update. Why did you change the site? 

  • We apologize for the frustration of this transition and hope to help make it as smooth as possible. Our latest update is now a better user interface and offers our team real time reporting to determine how to  better the content we provide you. This new site also provides us the chance to offer the site in multiple languages, making discipleship possible for countless new believers around the world.

Why don't I see any new languages mentioned?

  • We are working diligently to begin providing this course in new languages. We wanted to provide users with the new English site as early as possible but you can expect to see new languages soon. Keep an eye on the top right language menu for new languages as they become available!

I have another problem not listed here. Where do I go to speak with someone about my concern?

Don't see your question? Send it here!