Introduction: Kings and Kingdoms

This year we invite you to complete a year-long Bible overview with Dr. Robby Gallaty.  In each session, Dr. Gallaty will teach a lesson based on the week’s reading.  Please use the guide below to follow each week’s reading and memory plan.

Click this link to download: F260 Reading Plan.

This course, Kings and Kingdoms, is the third part of the year long series. Don’t forget- the course isn’t tied to any specific dates, so you can start the program at any point of the year. If you would like to start with the first part of the series, click here.

Like the previous course, each week you will have one video accompanying the reading that is split into three fifteen minute parts (you will watch these on the day 1, day 3 and day 5). There will be two memorization verses for each week, and a set of lesson notes to help you through the whole week (you can find these on day 1 of each week).  Days 2 and 4 of each week will be just for reading and memorization, and the readings themselves will be provided for you on the pages.