Introduction: “Follow Me” Experiencing the Joy of Walking With Jesus

How would you answer the question: What does it mean to follow Jesus?

In this course, Dr. John Ankerberg, along Sunder and Shyamala Krishnan, guide you step by step through what it means to follow Jesus. Sunder was born and raised in New Delhi, India. It was during his teenage years that Sunder came to know and follow Jesus through the ministry of Youth For Christ.  After receiving his bachelor’s degree in engineering at Indian Institute of Technology and then his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from MIT, Sunder went on to work for Atomic Energy of Canada. In 1980 Sunder became the preaching pastor of Rexdale Alliance Church near Toronto, Ontario, and served as the senior pastor from 1997 until his retirement in 2016. Sunder’s wife, Shyamala, graduated with a bachelor of arts in psychology and taught with the Toronto Board of Education in special education while she served alongside Sunder as a pastor’s wife.

Join us as we explore what it means to follow Jesus.


Suggested Format for Discipleship Groups

PDF DOWNLOAD: Discussion Group Format English

If possible, we recommend going through this course with a few others. Below is a simple format your group can use to structure your time together. If you are not able to work through the course with others, we still encourage you to reflect on these questions before and after you watch each lesson.


  • Take a few minutes to check-in and see how everyone is doing.
  • Share how the last week went as you sought to apply what you discussed in the previous lesson.
  • Pray for one another. Thank God for the things He did in your lives since you last met and ask for His continued help. Ask that He would speak to you through the upcoming lesson.

Watch This Week’s Lesson


To help process the lesson you just watched, we recommend the simple, fourfold structure: head, heart, hands, and knees. We have found that it works well to rotate who facilitates each week’s discussion. The facilitator needs no special training. Their role is not to teach, but simply to guide the group in reflecting upon these questions.

1)     Head:    What did you learn? Rehearse the main points covered in that lesson.

2)     Heart:   What touched your heart? What stood out to you the most?

3)     Hands: What is God calling you to do this week in response?

4)     Knees: Pray together for God’s help to apply what you heard.