Frequently Asked Questions

What are these Inspire courses?

  • The Inspire Courses are designed to help you walk with God. Whether you are looking to learn about discipleship and how to practice it in your church, or if you need direction in your daily devotions with God, this courseware is designed to help you and encourage you on your journey.

How can I start taking courses?

  • Easy! Just go to “Login” at the top right corner, click it, fill out your information where it says “Sign up” then click “Register” to get started.

Is there anything I need to get or prepare for before I begin courses?

  • No, we provide all the materials needed for all the courses, including each day’s Bible reading, audio options, and more.

How can I select / add more courses?

  • Once you’ve logged in, adding more courses is easy! The main login page shows the various course options, so just click one to get started!

How much time should I plan for each course?

  • Everyone is different, but we would say that even the fastest people going through these will need anywhere between 15-30 minutes each day; depending on the Series they are going through. Be sure to give yourself enough time to truly process these teachings.

What about quizzes?

  • The quizzes are not checked by anyone except you, they are simply a tool to help you learn. If you miss any questions, you can always retake the quiz.

Can I retake a quiz?

  • Certainly! If you click on the quiz you want to retake, there will be a green button providing you with a retake quiz option.

Can I retake a course?

  • Absolutely! You can retake a course as many times as you would like. They are there to help you learn and grow in your relationship with Christ.

Will more courses be added?

  • Yes, our team is constantly working to bring you more content, and we are uploading new modules all the time. We will continue to add to current courses and add new series whenever available.

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